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Good Sam Times

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        by Peter S. Gardner


The fire leaves float fine
In cold light, are words, like voice,
Like fluted chords and fallen sound.
Mountains ranged like the wings of the dragon
Collect white close to the stratosphere,
Prepared for the long-breathed sleep
Of trees, and water, iced, under
Fields of geese, and the fluid
Chaos of sparrows in the edged air.
I feel the wings rustling against my face,
[And I feel the heat of the] sun in a forest blindness,
An evaporating thickness into chromatic wind.

Astrological Signs- September
Virgo- August 23- September 22
Libra- September 23- October 22
Birthstone of the Month- September
Flower of the Month- September

What's New?
Planned Activities for September: See calendar for dates.
Bagged Lunch Trip to Henry Hudson Park
Trolley Ride and Histrorical Tour of Albany $4.00 for residents
(sign up sheet, limited seats)
Entertainment by Ellis
Entertainment by Arnie on piano
Cooking Club- making Stuffed Peppers (limited to 12, sign up sheet)
Lunch at Toole's (sign up sheet)

Autumn leaves