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Journal Redaction

Hillary Snare Teaching Portfolio

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Journal Redaction


At first when I heard I had to journal, I thought it would possibly be a waste of time and although time consuming it was not a waste of time at all. I see now the value of Journaling and plan to continue even when it is not an assignment. Responding to chapters read in my journal helped me to stay on task and many times it gave me an outlet to express my ideas. I also found I read the local paper more and found myself online often reading newspapers from across the country and even the world.

I enjoyed thinking about my past experiences and having a place to write them down. All the articles and comic strips related to my concerns and views. Some bothered me, others excited me but they all enlightened me.

I find the ones about testing, No Child Left Behind and racial discrepancies most interesting. All three have common threads, I feel passionate about testing and although I am very open minded to most issues I can not except testing based on race. I whole heartedly believe students should be given equal education. I do however support how it is delivered. Watered down curriculum is unacceptable, and "easy testing" is inappropriate. I understand the students from economically disadvantaged communities may not have the same overall opportunity as more affluent students. As educators and politicians we need to be sure that students have equal access. If the access is equal and we are considering the students individual learning style then we can expect the same results. Not to say some won’t fail we will always have some that fall between the cracks, but we need to reach as many as possible. I think when we provide "easier" testing we are perpetuating stereotypes and I can NOT except that. My journal gave me freedom to talk about this subject openly and candidly.

I also found that I would just think of something and insert it. It gave me a place to write my thoughts, some are still incomplete but it allowed me to get something out for later consideration. My journal helped me to think.

I found the classroom handouts helpful and when something appeared important to me I would respond via my journal. I wish I had seen the importance of this method earlier in the year and not as just another assignment. I plan to continue using it and I will have longer a "redaction" of it in the future.




"Education makes a people easy to lead, but difficult to drive; easy to govern but impossible to enslave." -Cicero