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Professional Goals and Standards

Hillary Snare Teaching Portfolio

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I have sincerely looked at this topic and find it the most difficult of all them to answer. I have not quite decided on any specific details however, after careful thought and consideration I believe that Russell Sage College is the best option for my needs. I know that the school offers an extremely good education program, several friends of mine are graduates and speak highly of the program.

I have not yet decided if I want to stay local to teach and I am not clear on what grade I want to teach. I have always enjoyed Early Childhood Education and I know I am strongest in that area. I have an interest lately in the higher grades as well. I would love to work with teen parents but I know that currently you need to be a certified Home Economics teacher to work within that population. My observations at Albany High School have also led me to consider Special Education at the high school level. My observations have opened up new and wonderful options that I never considered before. I am contemplating moving to Brooklyn to teach as well. If I do not head down there then I would like to teach at local urban public school although rural schools interest me as well, I see urban and rural school mirroring one another.

I do know that researching my educational philosophy has allowed me consider what type of teacher I will strive to be. I plan to continue with the strong foundation I have been given and hope to accomplish all the goals I have set out for myself.

Professionally I want to continue with my education, attend educational tranings and conferences as well as do many more observations and possibly get a para position to learn more about a school from the inside.

I want to be able to offer my students appropriate and current research based educational opportunities. The only way to do this is to continue with my personal professional development.

As stated before, I am still unsure of all the intricate details and even some of the larger details. I have however decided on my college of choice and I am sure that I want to teach.

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"Education makes a people easy to lead, but difficult to drive; easy to govern but impossible to enslave." -Cicero