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Personal Story and Reflection

Hillary Snare Teaching Portfolio

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Ever since I was a small child I wanted to be a teacher, I would line up my teddy bears and instruct them, my parents bought me an old school desk and a chalk board this way my classroom was more authentic. I would teach those bears everything I knew. I have to say those were the smartest stuffed animals in town.

Elementary school was a snap for me, until forth grade that is. I was always the teachers pet, my sweet face, perfect pig tails wrapped with satin ribbons and my gentle personality always landed me in the pet category. Teachers described me as a kind leader and everyone wanted to be my friend.

Fourth grade was when I found out that life was not all peaches and cream and a sweet face was not going to get me much further in life. I was assigned the teacher from hell! She was brutal to me, as I was babied up to that point I was never forced to do anything. I remember struggling with math, my teachers approach to teaching me was not effective and very harmful. She would stand me at the black board until I answered the problems, sometimes this would be all day! Classmates would walk by and whisper answers to me. I hated school at this point and was "sick" everyday.

Thankfully 5th grade promised me a better time. My teacher was not going to let me get way with things but she wasn’t going to abuse me either. She was an excellent teacher and probably one of my favorites.

As I reflect on my past I see that my choices lead me in directions that others would say was a mistake. I know in my heart that if I had not made the choices I made then I wouldn’t be here today. As an adult learner I see the world differently. If I had completed my education 12 years ago it would have been on someone else’s dime and I don’t believe I would have valued it as much as I do today.

As a full time student, I also co-own a non profit organization, work a part time job and tend to the needs of a bright and beautiful child. Time management is a must and some nights I am up until 3am.

With all my accomplishments and struggles I am most proud of my child, she keeps me on my toes! She is gifted intellectually and extremely humorous. My child sees the world for what it is, she recently asked me "Mom if you could change one thing about the world what would it be?" I wasn’t so sure but when I asked her, she responded with, "I would stop wasting precious time worrying about gays and more time making the world safe." She told me that gas prices are too high for common people, the world is killing itself with wars and schools don’t have what they need to educate America’s future. I asked where she learned these things and she said " You mom, you are my favorite teacher."

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"Education makes a people easy to lead, but difficult to drive; easy to govern but impossible to enslave." -Cicero