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Hillary Snare Teaching Portfolio

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Philosophy of Eduation

As I consider my personal education philosophy I can't help but ponder the question. "Is it the teachers responsibility to alter their teaching style or the students responsibility to alter their learning style?" With this in mind coming up with a conclusive philosophy was difficult at first. I truly believe that it is the teachers #1 goal to see that every student is successful both academically and personally, thus it is the teachers responsibility to meet all students needs by altering teaching styles. To create success for every student one should take time to get to know their students likes and dislikes, trials and tribulations, past successes and family structure. This aides the teacher in discovering and uncovering the child's true potential and gearing them for a positive learning experience.

After serious consideration, deep thought and researching all the teaching philosophies. I can conclusively say that Progressivism most accurately reflects my personal teaching philosophy. John Dewey, the founder of Progressivism has always inspired me. Dewey saw education as an opportunity to learn how to apply previous experiences in new ways. He also taught that people learn best through social interactions in the real world.

I believe that a well managed classroom allows for plenty of teacher guided as well as student initiated learning. When a student is able to explore independently, in groups and with teacher support they are able to absorb the material as all senses and learning styles are being used through open discussions, orally reporting back information, hands on experiences, experimentation and reading and writing. A classroom that promotes curriculum based on the students interests, experiences and abilities sincerely masters the idea of multiple intelligence allowing each learner to gain personal success. The Progressivism philosophy states that we learn most through meaningful life experiences, social interaction and scientific experimentation. This why it is important for children to have cultural and social opportunities. Sadly so many children do not get a chance to explore the world or even go outside their own communities.. Many times families are facing financial burdens, time constraints or are not educated on opportunities they can give their children to help them achieve the highest standards of learning. If children are not given this chance at home then schools should take a progressive approach to foster this through field trips, guest speakers, cultural and social activities and journey's into new places through the use of technology. Schools should offer students the chance to learn by doing and experiencing in all core subjects as well as providing them with appropriate social awareness and respect of differences and diversity.


As a teacher I will provide my students meaningful opportunities that help them to become problem solvers and creative thinkers. Students should be thought to look beyond what is placed in front of them and to see the world from many angles. If students are given the opportunity to be free thinkers they may gain security in thinking outside of the box.

I agree that curriculum and mandated tests are an important part of the educational system as they help to see that all children are getting an equal education equally assessments allow for data that reinforces current theory. I do believe however that teachers should use trade books and child directed curriculum through the use of interest inventories and one on one interviews. Teachers should keep running records and create portfolios on each student, this allows for easier transitions and gives the student a personal account of their progress.

As a teacher I will keep a well organized classroom and practice withitness and least intervention. Spending a few minutes with each student and giving them feedback and scaffolding on students ideas while encouraging the students to develop more ideas on their own. As an educator I would be more of facilitator then a traditional teacher standing at the blackboard directing and leading.

Understanding Progressivism’s belief that the physical world is the basis of reality and the world inevitably progresses over time, I will stay current and progress as a future educator I will always look at popular theory as well as classical theory and take into consideration what my students needs are. I stand firm in my belief of Progressivism and agree that the mind should be trained to analyze experience thoughtfully and draw conclusions objectively.


"Arguably the most influential thinker on education in the twentieth century, Dewey's contribution lies along several fronts. His attention to experience and reflection, democracy and community, and to environments for learning have been seminal."

John Dewey

"Education makes a people easy to lead, but difficult to drive; easy to govern but impossible to enslave." -Cicero